Passeios de barco

Alter do Chão - Passeios de barco


Alter itself is a tourist spot. The beaches, all are in the vicinity and this can be done feet, walking quietly, because here everything is very safe. Verify that we are in the Amazon and from February to May is the strong winter - which means much chance of rain and small beaches filled by the river Tapajos. The trips to the surrounding attractions, which are beautiful beaches, are made from the hotel Ponta de Pedras (boat all day), Pindobal (car all day and is 6 miles from Alter), FLONA - Tapajós National Forest - trails and Beaches (all day boating and hiking), Santarém - view of the waterfront, museums and regional cuisine - (all day drive) and Rio Jari - Knowing the rich fauna and winged alligators, amateur fishing (boat with overnight).

Alter do Chão Alter do Chão Alter do Chão Alter do Chão